The price for the escape room – does it apply to the whole team or a single member of the team?

The pricing seen on escaperoom page indicates how much the room will cost for the whole team, whether it’s 2 or 6 people.

How long it takes to complete a single quest?

Usually the quest’s duration is precisely 60 minutes. However, if you manage to handle all the tasks prior the time runs out the doors will open right as you’ve solved the last piece of the puzzle.

How many people can join the quest?

The recommended number of people is stated in the room’s description. Each room different in its size and the assortment of tasks, therefore – can require a different number of players. Usually, a single team is comprised of 2 to 6 people.

How can I register/schedule/reserve a quest?

Once you have chosen your preferred quest, just click on the “reserve” button to jump to the quest reservation section. Fill in all the required fields and pick the most convenient time. You can also place a reservation by calling to: +371 25653371 or via email address The payment is carried out on the spot.

How can I pay for my chosen escape room?

We offer two methods of payment. It is possible to either pay for your quest room in cash right on the spot or pay via bank transfer.

Is there anything I should know or practice prior entering the room?

No, there’s no preparation work necessary whatsoever. Just before entering the room your team will receive instruction on everything you need to know, in order to complete the quest successfully!

Is there a chance that some of the room might get a bit scary?

Our escape rooms are withheld in a variety of visual themes, from which you can pick the one that fits your preferences. For every, truly horror flick worthy-room, there’s a wonderful quest that’s suitable for all age groups!

What if I’ve never played a game like this?

That’s just amazing! This means that you’re up for a completely new and mind-numbingly fun experience! Every game begins with a quick tutorial. Regardless of the room you’ve picked, all tasks and riddles are designed to be solvable by anyone who enters the room!