Escape Room “DISKO DANCER”

Game time:
60 min
от 35€
Joy of life, an eternal feast and music of motion were filling the disco club in the 70s­-80s of the past century, whose soul was JIMI, a natural born dancer, the most beautiful man on earth.
However, one day a trouble happened: the muse of dance has abandoned Jimi, he stopped, lost his interest for life, and the dance has forsaken his heart.
Without a leader, the club sank into oblivion; silence and gloom have enshrouded its walls. As the years passed, many brave souls have tried to breathe life into the most popular disco club of the past century; however it was rejecting all attempts to invade its space, as if it was a living organism.
Today, the fate gave you a chance. Do not miss it and discover the secret of the club, return the music and the dance back into these walls! Evil spells will be destroyed, and the great, unrivaled, the best of the best, our one­and­only Jimi shall regain himself once more, and the club will give you a final dance, which will remain in your memory for life..