Quest Room “Disco Dancer”

The joy of life, an eternal holiday, the music of the movement filled the disco club in the 70s and 80s of the last century. You will have the opportunity to be in that exciting era, helping to bring that mood back to the disco club. The atmosphere is formed by portraits of stars and hits of that time, a “blinking” dance floor and a sparkling disco ball. Work as a team and complete all tasks step by step in order to return the disco party to the club again and finally unite in a common dance.

Ecsape room “Lord Of War”

If you won’t be able to fit within the given timeframe and the doors will stay unmoved as the 60 minute limit runs out, they will open automatically. However, in that case, your team will be left without any awards!
You have precisely one hour to escape the room, using the items found within it, some of which can either be or not be a part of a bigger chain of clues. It is only recommendable to try out and manipulate any item in your sight, try its compatibility with other items and, at times – even flat out destroy it. Only risky experimentation like this will lead you to your goal!